Calabrese Lab: rheology, polymers & soft matter

Group photo from January 2020

Recent News

Fall 2019

  • Graduate student researchers Grace Kresge, Jason Linn, Ben Robertson, and Diana Zhang join the Calabrese group. Welcome!
  • Calabrese group is awarded the JST Safest Lab Award. Pretty neat!
  • Karthika travels to Argonne National Lab for a magneto-SAXS experiment with the polymer group. 
  • Prof. Calabrese publishes 3D Printed Cartilage‐Like Tissue Constructs with Spatially Controlled Mechanical Properties in Advanced Functional Materials with collaborators at Harvard Medical School.
  • The lab welcomes Isabelle Jones, Jimmy Griebler, and Kush Patel as undergraduate researchers.

Summer 2019

  • Prof. Calabrese, Patrick, and Karthika travel to NIST NCNR to conduct neutron scattering experiments. The neutrons don't sleep and neither will they!
  • Kathleen Lauser attended the HFIR/SNS Advanced Neutron Diffraction and Scattering workshop (HANDS 2019)
  • Kathleen Lauser was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congrats Kathleen!